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February 19th, 2009

.d.a.y.o.f.f.! @ 08:43 am

So, yay I have today and tomorrow off. I have a meeting with a couple big wigs on friday that I usually go to but I think I am going to call and let them know I am not going to go this friday. It is such a boring committee but I was invited to join and I like going there in hopes of helping me work my way up Mosaic. I am just frustrated because I am SICK of working in the entry level position when I have a friggen BA. I am NOT making any money, I work 50+ hour weeks regularly to make ends meet, and I already have supervisory experience. Just typing this out is making me mad. But, as an afterthought. I am not going to look for a new job here in Des Moines. We are only going to be here for 1.25 more years and come Fall we may start trying for a baby so that would not really go well to get hired and then a month later tell them I am pregnant. BUT- I VOW to you when we move back to La Crosse I am NOT accepting a position that does not require my degree EVEN if we are in need of money. I need to hold out and utilize my degree otherwise I may never.

On a less boring note I am enjoying watching Season 4 of Sex and the City (again). Then, around 10 I am going to go get a coffee and wait for Leo to get on his lunch break, we are going to Panera then when he goes back to school I am going to go grocery shopping and then bake some cookies at home. Tomorrow I am planning on not going ANYWHERE and just do laundry and chill at home.

And on a last last note I HATE my computer. My original one broke and then I am using Leo's shell with my hard drive and now his is acting up. AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
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