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September 19th, 2008

.f.u.l.l. @ 08:36 pm

Ugh. I am sooo full. I LOVE the Macaroni Grill. The one where we lived closed but there is one heeeeeere. Today was interesting. Did you know you are not supposed to clean your ears with Q-tips? Well, I thought exactly opposite-- I clean my ears every morning with them. Anyways, this morning I was cleaning my right ear and all of a sudden my ear plugged up. You know how annoying that is? Well is STAYED plugged the WHOLE day. Right before I left for work I had leo drop in a couple of drops of this de-waxer stuff we have but it didn't do anything. It was AWFUL. So, at about noon I called the nurse hotline and she told me I most likely pushed wax back into my ear and that I would have to go to Urgent Care to get it fixed. So, Leo said he would try flushing it before we left and THANK GOD at around 3pm he flushed my ear repeatidly with warm water and finally a TON of wax (ick-sorry) came out and my ear FINALLY opened up!!! Going the whole day with one ear completely plugged was sooooooo not fun. At all.
After tha whole ordeal we went and ordered Leo some new frames and went out to eat and got PUMPKIN ice cream. YUM.

Sleeepy. I picked up overtime so I work 3-9pm tomorrow. Then I work through Wednesday at Mosaic and also start at the YMCA and work there Monday, Thursday, and Friday this week. Hope it all works out.

September 17th, 2008

.q.u.i.c.k.l.y..... @ 06:11 am

So yesterday I worked at the "Crazy" house and it was probably one of the best day I have had there thus far. They have been so bad lately but work for my clients was canceled so I took T shopping for three hours in the afternoon and the moring was filled with baking and no huge messes so yay! Today I work at the other house and I am going to treat myself with starbucks in the morning, we are making lasagna for lunch (yum!!) and then I am going grocery shopping afterwards. Tomorrow is my last day off until a week from Saturday so I better enjoy it!!

Other than that nothing is new. Just busy busy.... I want to clean out the spare bedroom closet. Exciting. :)

September 13th, 2008

.o.u.c.h.i.e. @ 04:34 pm

Ugh. I wore heels last weekend and now this weekend and now I have three BIG blisters on my toes and side of my foot. Ick. I have not really had a blister before- should I pop it? Ewwww!!

Fun news though- I got two awesome free CDs today. The new Sara Bareilles and the new County Crows. Yay 106.3 booth at farmers market. lol. Leo also had his white coat ceremony today. He took his oath and received his white coat and he is truly on his way to being a PA. Woot!

Other than that. I am going to be super busy. I am working 46 hours this upcoming week and then 62 hours the next. UGH. I mean, its a good thing but my new job is scheduling more hours than "usual" she said due to fall break because I would rather keep my work weeks BELOW 50. :/

BUT- in celebration I did go on a small pre- pay check shopping spree and got two new shirts and a new pair of jeans. That was fun.

August 30th, 2008

.y.a.y. @ 05:02 pm

I am having fun today so far. Leo has this upcoming week off for fall break so we have been able to spend some time together- finally! Last night we went to IHope then Super Target to do a little shopping. Today we walked Sophie around a lake, walked around a mall, cleaned our car, and went to this Antique Mall. Fun fun fun. Now we are watching movies for the rest of the night probably. I work the next 4 days (ewww!) but then I get 4 days OFF and I am going HOME with LEO!!! We have that wedding on Sat but we are leaving thursday morning-- we have to close a bank account, visit Leo's parents for the first time since moving up, go out to eat with my parents, have some drinks with some friends, and maybe do a couple of free loads of laundry- lol.

Did I mentioned I did get that job at the YMCA? I can't remember and I am too lazy to look but that starts in a couple weeks and it is just 2 or 3 days a week for a few hours at time after my other shift at work.

August 28th, 2008

.d.a.y.o.f.f. @ 08:28 am

So, I have already showered, taken Sophie for a walk, cleaned up the kitchen, and have carrot cake baking in the oven. Yummy. Oooh- and I JUST made my first cup of coffee. I am a little nervous for my interview this afternoon only because I do want the job and I am hoping there is flexibility so I can work 4 days a week but if she wants me to work M - F then I will agree. I am also excited because if I do get this job we are going to get some new glasses- woop!

Other than that I am making sandwiches for Leo and I for lunch and I am going to go and eat with him and then from there I am going to go to my interview. Tonight I want to bath Sophie, make the meatloaf, and also clean the bathroom if I can find the strength- lol. But if I clean it tonight I don't have to this weekend... :) I do lead a boring life.

August 27th, 2008

.b.o.r.i.n.g. @ 06:05 pm

Of course I have to start with this because money and work are always on my mind. I have an interview tomorrow for a part time job to supplement my full time job. I have found that in order to live, almost like we have before we moved here, I need to work 50+ hours. Ick. ICKKKK. If more over time was available at my current fulltime job I probably would not need another. BUT- this one woman takes 7 out of the 10 available shifts each pay period so my next over time shift is 3 weeks from now and that is the only one I can see so far. So, I have an interview at the YMCA working with challenging kids in an after school program. Michelle, the woman who is interviewing me, told me that she would like it if I could plan to be there for 45 minutes just so I could see what I was getting myself into. So, I am nervous. I hope it works out though because I work 7-3pm at my current job and then I would drive over there and work until 6. So, not too bad but the pay is only $7.75 (OMG!!!) Like, ONE over time shift at my current job would pay for the WHOLE week of working at this job. But...again....over time is not available and maybe I would still work an OT shift anyways. I need new frames and so does Leo and we also need to pay bills, and, of course, eat.

Other than the fact that I am going to work all day every day I am doing well. I am homesick again. Leo studys 24/7 so that is still a little struggle. I walk the dog, have been reading, watching tv, but I wish I could be more social. All my co workers have kids and are 10+ years older than me and yoga has not started yet through leo's school so I have not really met...well...anyone...

BUT- not this weekend but the next we are going down for a wedding so I can see my family and catch up with friends. yay.

August 13th, 2008

.i.o.w.a.s.t.a.t.e.f.a.i.r. @ 08:09 pm

So today I went to the fair with a co worker and two clients. We went from 8:30am - 1:30pm.

*I got a nice sun tan!
*Great exercise!
*A free milk shake :)
*I did not realize that Leo and I only saw HALF of what was there so next year I know we need to make a day of it.
*I got PAID to walk around for 5 hours at the fair.
*I really liked the co worker who I went with- had some great convos.
*The weather was beautiful and for the first couple of hours it was not very crowded.

*For the first couple of hours I was partnered with D. She is the aggressive one who usually beats me up. I quickly found out I pretty much had to have my arms wrapped around her the whole time- she was constantly reaching for people to "shake their hands" and when people actually let her do that she will tug them near her. She also raised her arm to hit this guy who was facing away from us and nearly gave me a heart attack. I also grew SOOO tired because she would LEAN toward people as we walked by them.
* I was so relieved to switch clients but was POURING sweat because I had to push L in her wheelchair up STEEP hills and through grass and so on. Much less stressful mentally but SOOO draining physically since I just recently started working out my body is kinda sore/tired anyways.

So, all in all a pretty fun work day. I have tomorrow off then work all through out the week until next thursday. BUT- I have been doing a lot of research on possible Inns for Leo and I to stay at when we go to Maine next year for our "yay leo is almost done with school, we are going to work forever after this, we have so much out in loans it does not matter, better get out one more time before we have babies" trip. I am SOOO excited- I LOVE Maine and I have never even been there.


August 12th, 2008

.o.k.a.y. @ 07:26 pm

Well, I am glad it rained today. My co worker was supposed to take a client to the Iowa State Fair but decided to go tomorrow. I work at the 'crazy' house tomorrow and a client there was supposed to go today as well but I get to go with her tomorrow with my co worker from the other house. Yay. Free admission, $6 for food, and getting paid to wander around the fair. Anything to get me outta that house! Today was interesting though. My co worker who trained me who I like a lot, always feels the need to confess things to me....her meth use...her abortion...her teenage pregnancy stories....etc. I like listening and I do not judge- I really like her and we do have some interesting convos.

I am bummed women's gymnastics are on so late tonight because I did not sleep well last night and if it starts at 10:30pm tonight I am not sure I should stay up to watch it. Argh.

Also doing a emergency load of laundry- I got home to a large, wet puke spot right on my bed through the mattress protector as well. Argh.

August 10th, 2008

.s.t.u.f.f. @ 05:33 pm

I read the whole twilight series in 4 days and now, since I can't get it out of my head, I am going to re-read it but slower this time to really enjoy it. I ead it so fast because I was desperate to find out how things ended but now that I know (and am happy) I can read through the more difficult plot parts and know that it will be ok. Sad that I am so involved in this FICTIONAL story but to each her own. =)

...is going well. I worked at the "Crazy" house and only had my hair pulled once today but she definitely made it count....! I picked up a shift so I just have thursday off this week which will be a pull BUT in a month I have 4 days off in a row to go home WITH Leo so I have that to look forward to... (and save for)!

The past couple of days have not been SO HUMID and HOT so we have been able to open our windows during the night and in the mornings and not melt when we take Sophie for a walk. We went to the Iowa State Fair this past friday and it was fun. It is just odd how it all works out. We pre bought our tickets so that was $14. To eat costs money so that was $16. Drinks another $15 (one beer, a milkshake, and a diet pepsi). Parking $6. One ride $8. It was just... too expensive. I mean, to pay $14 to get in and not have a lot to do than stuff you have to pay money to do is hard. I did like looking at some of their "exhibits" which were mainly cattle and farm animals... iowa.... ;) If I had endless amounts of money I would have probably had more fun ESP if I could afford the tickets to Led Zepplin and Foreigner who are playing their this week.
I am also trying to watch some of the Olympics. One gymnastic competing is from Des Moines so... represent! ;)

August 7th, 2008

.n.e.e.d.a.i.r.n.o.w. @ 08:44 pm


I will have read the whole series by saturday and i started tuesday... *sheepish smile*