So, it seems as though I have motivation to write once things get a little shitty. Oh well, I will try to include happy things along with my shitty things.

One of the residents I work with once a week got sick last Saturday while I was working. On Monday he went to the hospital and now I just got a call that he is being transfered to hospice care and does not have a lot of time left at all. We are talking hours, maybe days. Sad sad sad. He was my favorite at that home.

.Not so Shitty.
This August Leo and I are going to take a week and go to Hayward WI and stay in a cabin with my family. Leo has a week off in August from his rotations and I will have enough PTO so I am looking forward to that greatly.

My laptop broke. It was the one I have had for 5 years-- I had it since Junior year in college fro WSU and it was a crappy computer then and super shitty now. Leo was able to take my hard drive and put it in his old even shittier computer but I hate it. I would love a mac but HOWWWW. I am working OT just to makes ends meet and every paycheck I am trying to save 20-30 dollars for a baby.

.Not so Shitty.
I am going home in one week for a four day break. My sister is meeting me there and I already have lunch dates and family time planned so that is awesome.

Oh I literally just burnt the hell out of my mouth drinking coffee through a slightly confusing mug with this weird top.

.Not so Shitty.
Spring will be here in a couple short months.

Anyways, more later. I amd oing laundry today and also making a yumy turkey dinner for my hubby tonite.


So, yay I have today and tomorrow off. I have a meeting with a couple big wigs on friday that I usually go to but I think I am going to call and let them know I am not going to go this friday. It is such a boring committee but I was invited to join and I like going there in hopes of helping me work my way up Mosaic. I am just frustrated because I am SICK of working in the entry level position when I have a friggen BA. I am NOT making any money, I work 50+ hour weeks regularly to make ends meet, and I already have supervisory experience. Just typing this out is making me mad. But, as an afterthought. I am not going to look for a new job here in Des Moines. We are only going to be here for 1.25 more years and come Fall we may start trying for a baby so that would not really go well to get hired and then a month later tell them I am pregnant. BUT- I VOW to you when we move back to La Crosse I am NOT accepting a position that does not require my degree EVEN if we are in need of money. I need to hold out and utilize my degree otherwise I may never.

On a less boring note I am enjoying watching Season 4 of Sex and the City (again). Then, around 10 I am going to go get a coffee and wait for Leo to get on his lunch break, we are going to Panera then when he goes back to school I am going to go grocery shopping and then bake some cookies at home. Tomorrow I am planning on not going ANYWHERE and just do laundry and chill at home.

And on a last last note I HATE my computer. My original one broke and then I am using Leo's shell with my hard drive and now his is acting up. AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!


I would like to start out by saying that regular soy ilk tastes like flour... I am just saying...

I worked 7-3pm today, like usual. I went and visited R in the hospice this morning. It is weird because he looks like his usual self just tired. I do not know what I was expecting but... Bonnie the nurse says he COULD pull out of it... Never say never...

This afternoon I had an employee retention committee which ate up the last two hours of my shift and that was that. Leo gave plasma today for the first time for $20 and decided the area was too shoddy and he is not going to do it anymore. He was going to save up for some nice shoes but he elected to take me out to dinner with the moola and we went to 'On The Border' and then went to the Mac store to browse new laptops since mine is shot.

We came home and just got done watching 'Shutter' from netflix. I have tomorrow off *happy dance* but Leo is going to study alllll day so I dunno what I am gonna do. I did a lot of cleaning on thursday when I had off. I could go to Walmart and get the couple of things I need... Maybe I will and then make my chocolate covered pretzels. Good idea.


I always get up too early for work then end up sitting here tired as hell waiting to go. How odd.... I got my hair cut yesterday- I wanted a trim to the cuuute short haircut I got and I ended up with a completely different haircut that is very very short. Ick. I don't like it- leo does but it is not "my" haircut I have loed the past 7 weeks and could not wait to show my fam at xmas in 10 days. Grah.


I know it is a little ways away yet but I am making tukey, mashed potatoes, squash, green bean casserole, stuffing, and rolls for lunch today. I work on Thanksgiving day and Leo and I are not able to go down to celebrate with our families then and I was craving the food so why not? I also put up our tree and Christmas decorations last thursday. Te he he.

We got new phones and a new service plan with AT&T yesterday. Goodbye Sprint! I love our new phones- we got the same ones- lol. Other than that I have been busy working A LOT and Leo has been studying. I got Christmas day through the 30th off so we are going to get to spend almost a week down at home! YaY! That also means my birthday is coming up- wowza! 24 years old.... Almost baby time damnit!

We have not turned on our heat yet but today it is coooold even with the oven on. Last night we turned on this space heater in our room- leo says it is more energy efficient but we need heat soon... BRRRR!


Last night a little after six I was sitting in my livingroom and I heard like 5 "gun like" sounds and I was just thinking of what things they could be other than gun shots..... But, no, they WERE gun shots and this guy was killed RIGHT next door in these apartments that we toured. Gah.


...and still do not have any money!!

How does that work?

Anyways, just chillin tonight. I did some light grocery shopping and then made a blt for dinner. I vaccumed and now I am just going to watch some TV and go to bed early. Leo is gone tonight doing a vaginal exam on some poor woman- lol. I work at the crazy house tomorrow then at the ymca. I a looking forward to wednesday though because after work I am going to go to Kohls and use my coupon to get a new bra and maybe a new peice of clothing- woot! Nothing cheers me up about money issues than shopping!! *lol*

And I have a cold sore. In / on the edge of my nose. GRAHHH. So, that is painful / annoying and makes me grouchy.


So, yay a day off!! Can you imagine? Here is a little recap of the week.

Saturday ---> I felt sorry for myself most of the day because I picked up a darn over time shift that night but the shift went by easily and I will get paid this Tuesday and it will be on there!! :)
Sunday ---> I worked at the crazy house and it was, well, crazy.
Monday ---> I worked until 2:30 and then had to drive to the crazy house for a meeting then had to hurry my ass off to my first day at the YMCA at 3pm. Most of the kids were shy and a few were really cute but a couple were AWFUL. There is a girl there, lets call her D, who is this 19 year old looking 5th grader. My only responsibility was asking them to get into a line and she crossed her arms and looked my straight in the eye and did that little head shake attitude thing while saying "Oh My God!" Grah. Plus my co worker was equally as scary as she kinda yelled-talked to me about how she does not need a degree to work with kids and all you gotta do is show them respect and then in the same breath she YELLS at the kids constantly. (I did not even tell her I had a degree and my degree is in Social Work..?)
Tuesday ---> I worked at Mosaic and then had a minor breakdown-- stress, new job, loneliness, etc.
Wednesday ---> Worked at the crazy house and then the usual, walked sophie, cleaned, watched tv, bed.
Thursday ---> I worked 8-3pm at the YMCA. Two kids are on the block schedule and only one showed up so it was me, scary co worker, and then Kareem whom I love. I went to work that day determined to get to know my co worker a little more and show my personality a little bit. It worked. She does not seem AS scary as before but also told me something a little unsettling. She said that on Wednesday Lisa was asking all the kids if they had met me yet and that one troubled kid, D, said in front of everyone: "Yeah, she is the same color as you, White Trash!" (Me and Lisa are the only two white people worked at the YMCA and there are also only 2 white kids out of 60 at that YMCA so we are definitely a minority). So.....Gah. Scary co worker gave me some pointers on working with the kids, and after spending the day together she said she thought I would do fine which is good because I DO NOT want to be on her bad side. She is also just 17 and 3 months pregnant and told me how her bf is doing stuff that would get him like 30 years in prison and etc etc.
Friday ---> Worked during the day at my regular job and found out my co worker got in trouble for a rumor he thinks I spread which I had not even heard about so I will talk to Pat tomorrow about it (dumb!) and then went to the YMCA-- I am now at the "let me test you until you want to scream" stage with the kids. Grrr.
Today ---> Got up early, snuggled with Leo, took Sophie for a walk, went to Target, went out to lunch with Leo and then to a craft show, and now I am here watching Dexter Season 2 and paying some bills.

.... and just an fyi-- this upcoming week with be nearly exactly the same.... surprise!


What did you want to be when you were a kid? A teacher... and a Mom. ;)

What is your proudest accomplishment so far Ummm. Probably graduating college, and also marrying Leo, and also moving to Des Moines to help support Leo through school. Many small things along the way of life basically. :)

What is your dream job? Owning and running a coffee / tea shop. Or an adoption social worker. :)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? A mother. a Social worker. A house owner.

What does it take to make you happy? Ice cream.