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January 30th, 2009

.a.n.d.h.e.r.e.w.e.g.o.a.g.a.i.n. @ 08:46 pm

I would like to start out by saying that regular soy ilk tastes like flour... I am just saying...

I worked 7-3pm today, like usual. I went and visited R in the hospice this morning. It is weird because he looks like his usual self just tired. I do not know what I was expecting but... Bonnie the nurse says he COULD pull out of it... Never say never...

This afternoon I had an employee retention committee which ate up the last two hours of my shift and that was that. Leo gave plasma today for the first time for $20 and decided the area was too shoddy and he is not going to do it anymore. He was going to save up for some nice shoes but he elected to take me out to dinner with the moola and we went to 'On The Border' and then went to the Mac store to browse new laptops since mine is shot.

We came home and just got done watching 'Shutter' from netflix. I have tomorrow off *happy dance* but Leo is going to study alllll day so I dunno what I am gonna do. I did a lot of cleaning on thursday when I had off. I could go to Walmart and get the couple of things I need... Maybe I will and then make my chocolate covered pretzels. Good idea.
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