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31 December 1984
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THE GIRL- I am Jamie. Leo, my husband, and I jus tmoved to Des Moines IA to work and go to school to better our lives. I have my degree in Social Work and Leo is going to med school. We have two cats and a little dog to keep us company!

THE GUY- Leo. Leo is my husband. We have been together since Sophomore year in hs. He means so much to me. We got married Jan. 6, 2007. I am a romantic so I believe in soulmates and that there is one person out there that will complete you. Leo is that man for me. Despite the fact that I am really smittened by him, I don't write so often about him in my journal in fear that I would scare away people because it would be too mushy. Who wants to hear that anyways?

THE FAMILY- I have a mother and father that were high school sweethearts and are still married today. I also have a younger sister, Erin, who just completed her first year at Mankato State. I like my family and will miss them a lot now that I am 4.5 hours away!! At home they have a cat Bruce, a dog Ruby, and a new kitty Louie.

likes: romantics, curly fries, classic rock,
no shoes, cheap movies, hugs.

dis-likes: shallowness, alcoholics, mordbidness during a meal, plastic animals, meanies.

anti bush.

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